15 analogies why idolizing your favourite idol is exactly like worshipping God

*This is a parody post. Please do not continue on reading the article if you have a tendency to feel easily offended by any type of light-hearted mockery towards any form of idol worship (*pun intended).

Let’s label both God, and your favourite idol as X.

1) The emotions overflow throughout your body, mind, and spirit when you either – feel or see X’s presence e.g. fainting spells, crying, screaming.


2) You have a like minded community you – bond with, keep in regular contact with, and talk happily with about X.


3) You spend money on activities, items, concerts, meet up sessions, talks, interviews related to X, which makes you financially-strapped.


4) You are inspired and influenced by the quotes/verses said by X, or those who are associated to X e.g. religious leaders.


5) You own a knowledge or physical archives / collections related to X e.g. religious quotes and symbols / pictures of idol.


5) For some, X may be prioritized highly, or come first in their life e.g. God / idol is more important than my own family.


6) You may seem to get criticised or hated on by others regularly for your staunch support, or belief in X e.g. idol haters, anti-religious supporters.


7) You speak up and defend X when anything associated with it faces critique by rivals who do not believe in, or agree with X e.g. No one is suppose to talk shit about my religion or idol.


8) There are sub-communities around the world, and even within the same country e.g. fan clubs from different countries; Protestants, Catholics, Methodists under the umbrella of Christianity.


9) You have rival communities which you would never see eye to eye with, or disagree with – about matters related to X e.g. anti-X supporters.


10) You look up to X as your role model e.g. I want to be more like X.


11) X makes you feel special and loved e.g. I think about X when I’m struggling, and am at the lowest point of my life.


12) Not all from the community may be exactly nice to non-fans/non-religious community, or even to their own fans/community. There are always good and bad apples, and some may be driven by skewed passion e.g. I will kill anyone who insult / leave my religion or God OR I will cyberbully those who are the supporters’ of my idol’s rival.

13) You celebrate special occasions of X e.g. Christmas day, idol’s birthday.


14) X is perfect to you in all corners and angles e.g. X is always correct.

15) You look forward to building a relationship and getting closer to X.


And for special mention: You would die to see X (*pun intended),

Enjoy your weekend with your idol, God, or yourself if you believe in / follow none. Everyone is free to judge each other’s lifestyles and belief systems on the existence of God or idol worship, so why give a f***? What is the most important is to lead a life we enjoy the most – with God, without a deity, with an idol, or without an idol 🙂 


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