Previous times when my political posts faced “uncanny” technical/publishing issues [Immersion Journalism]

Writing on the topics of politics and media censorship since June last year, I had faced weird technical issues, or had reposts of my original posts removed from external news sites (* could be a form of self-censorship by them) in the 2nd half of the year 2015. This left me wondering at times the reasons for these happenings – was there something wrong with my writings? Was the content too sensitive? Or was it due to other reasons I’m not aware of? Or maybe someone, or something had messed with some of my posts without my knowledge?

# 1 [Citizen Journalism] Voices of Hong Lim Park (Free Amos Yee Rally) Part 2

What happened?

I had went to check my published post as a news site had shared it on their Facebook page, and I was excited since it was my first post to be ever publicised externally. I found that the words in my post had turned into a white background. As such, I quickly went to take a look at the post in the editing page, and re-published it again a few times. But, the whiteout of my words still remained there. So why was there a whiteout of the words in my published post that lasted for about 30 minutes? (I cannot remember the exact timing.) Surprisingly, the pictures were not affected, just that the words faced a whiteout. Was it done by something or someone to prevent netizens from reading the content of the post? 

Was my post content sensitive?

I guess so. I think Singaporeans were not exposed to alternative on-the-ground sentiments of the general public towards the Amos Yee case which faced huge media exposure then. It was a collection of public opinions I had recorded from the Free Amos Yee Rally, and the responses were not really supportive of the way the government handled the matter.

#2 GE 2015 [Analytical Essay]: What’s up with the media hype over Chief of Defence Force, Ng Chee Meng?

What happened?

This post was removed from a news site (that had reposted it) for at least a week or two. It was later placed back again. I have no idea for this one though. Maybe it was deliberate, or they had faced a technical issue?

Was my post content sensitive?

I don’t think so. It was mere observations I had towards how the mainstream media seemed to publicise prominently on Ng Chee Meng during his retirement, and post-retirement from SAF.

#3 GE2015 [Immersion Journalism]: An Underage Voter Virgin experience at a Non-PAP rally

What happened?

A repost of this article was taken down from a news site (that had reposted it) after a few days permanently. I have no idea why, nor did I ask anyone.

Was my post content sensitive?

Based on my personal guess, I had observed and wrote something I was not supposed to see? And the site felt it was too sensitive? I mentioned about uniformed personnels waiting inside the nearby school compound. Could it be that the plain-clothed men with earpiece (I had mentioned) at the rallies were actually intelligence officers? And their roles are supposed to be kept low-profile and unknown from Singaporeans? Maybe to observe common people like us and see who are more aggressive, or would do oustanding actions during the rally. In case of a riot, they would then know who are the possible instigators to pinpoint on. 

Sidenote: I remember once at another GE2015 rally where I was sitting at the back – I had shouted for fun “I love you X (speaker’s name)” very loudly and the next thing I knew, I saw 2 police personnels in the luminous traffic vest walking pass me in front, maybe as a subtle hint to ask me to keep it down. A few minutes later, a plainclothed officer with ear piece (most likely an intelligence officer) walked pass behind me, and when he later walked  pass me again, I happened to turn back to look, and it was obvious he was looking at me. 

#4 [Investigative Journalism] 6 Political Videos & Singapore’s Censorship

What happened?

The link was blocked a few hours after I had posted it. How did I find out? One facebook netizen commented on a Facebook page that shared my post that the link was blocked. I am not aware how many minutes the link was blocked for but based on the time span between his comment and my reply that the link was back to normal, it occurred for less than 30 minutes? So why was my link blocked by someone or something when it just got published externally?

Was my post content sensitive?

I guess so. I had researched online on the more prominent political videos/films which once faced censorship, or are still facing censorship. It was a factual post where I introduced more about these political films, and the reasons given for the governmental ban towards them.

#5 Topic X

There was once where I was focused on researching on a topic X (*topic was not government-friendly) on the internet, and had browsed through many pages of results. Google asked me to type in a code or something  before I could continue on, as they said my searching trend was off as it had too high a frequency. I don’t know. It could have be a protocol of google search engine, or…?

There is always this general perception and fear in Singapore that if you engage, or write anything too political, or question too much on OB markers, you and your family might not be able to lead a “smooth” life. There are personal accounts here and there (past to present) which are rarely even talked about in the media landscape, but, I do not know how true they are.

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Article for reading: 1994 – 2015: A Chronology of Authoritarian Rule in Singapore

Featured Picture: Nutsville in Norway


4 thoughts on “Previous times when my political posts faced “uncanny” technical/publishing issues [Immersion Journalism]

  1. I will not be an apologist to anyone and will endeavour to write my views without fear or favour. Since the late LKY came into power into 1959, Singapore has become a Fascist State. LKY has said it with arrogance and explicitly: ‘We do what we think is right. Never mind what the people think’. It is undeniable and indisputable that he has ABUSED HIS POWER using the Internal Security Act (ISA) to detain his political opponents without trial for decades and later on use the compliant courts to do his bidding to destroy the opposition. Today, under his son, PM LHL, Singapore remains the Totalitarian State that LKY had put in place.

    We are citizens of the Republic of Singapore. I will unreservedly reject the filthy habit that the government now still employ to destroy the citizens of their livelihood if they are against the government. THIS MUST STOP!

    It is crystal clear that the objective of this ruthless persecution of the people who oppose them is to instil fear that they will be destroyed. I will take the true and correct view: The First and Topmost Priority of the government is to protect the citizens irrespective of their political leanings. In this the PAP government led by PM LHL has failed dismally.

    The future will be bleak if the government is the MASTER of everything. It is the citizens who give them the privilege to rule. It is time that they realise the truth of the haunting words of Lord Acton: ‘Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely’.


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