Singapore’s Version: The “hype” over gender equality and Feminism.

Sexuality is a term that encompass many areas, and we hope to explore this interesting topic in the segment: SEX-uality.

Definition of Sexuality (Sexuality Resource Centre for Parents)


23 examples if you want to apply Gender Equality to Singapore’s context by Offbeat Perspectives:

Women not needing to shave armpit and leg hair. Society frown upon and mock females who do shave, even girls themselves, while males get make fun of when they do not have body hair. It’s a horrible and illogical gender bias mentality. Male = have to have body hair. Female = not suppose to have any body hair.

Improve on the ratio of female to male cubicles so that males will learn the pain of queuing up.

Individuals from both genders watch porn, masturbate, and have pre-marital sex in their lives. Both genders should not be viewed differently when they engage in the same actions.

Men can wear skirts, dresses, and keep long hair since women can wear pants and keep short hair.

Reduce stigma for men to seek formal help when sexually/physically harassed or abused by spouse, social networks, or strangers.

Men can be househusbands while the wife be the sole breadwinner without being judged by others.

Husbands can earn less than their wives without affecting how they are being judged by others.

Remembering that single parents includes single DADS, not just single mums.

NS for both genders.

Split payment costs evenly between both genders when eating out on a special date as a hetrosexual couple.

Take out caning for males, or cane both genders.

Inter gender sports (girls and boys team up together to compete with girls and

boys in another team).

Have a Men’s rights group.

Equal amount of child paternal and maternal leave.

Equal view, treatment, and protection given to sexually or physically abused spouse regardless of gender.

Equal viewing and treatment to homosexuals of both genders.

Equal treatment under the law regardless of gender in who need, or should give maintenance fee.

Increase female representation in parliament or leadership positions.

Being aware that molesters, rapists, and paedophiles are not only limited to one gender, and women being given due punishments just like men.

Equal pay and promotion growth in both genders.

Equal house chores done by both genders.

Farting, burping, and laughing without covering the mouth is acceptable for both genders.

Increase male or female population in jobs which has too little of one gender.

Level of sex drive, or sexual thoughts are not determined by one’s gender.

Neither gender should be condemned, pressured into, or frowned upon for wearing makeup or high heels.

The thing about gender norms is that – social factors and influences are what shapes us to abide subconsciously, or consciously to what it means to be masculine or feminine respectively.

Other SEX-uality posts

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