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Offbeat Politics is a sister site of our main site Offbeat Perspectives which has articles and interviews on diverse topics – sexuality, gender norms, social norms, morality, religion, media control and censorship, music, film, society, alternative/ social issues, unique passions, careers, and individuals.

Writer: Cassandra Chia


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  • [Investigative Journalism] Is the presence of non-mainstream media really that important in Singapore? Case study of HolyCrit Saga

Citizens’ Journal post (FB share)

Crankpunk’s post (FB share)

  • Ministerial salaries – Will a new cabinet bring about a new change?

TR Emeritus (Oct 24, 2015) Article

1,000 Likes for a By-Election in Hougang’s post (FB Share)

RedWire Times Singapore (Article Share)

The Singapore Daily 3rd Nov 2015 (Article Share)

  • [Investigative Journalism] Parkour Saga: How credible are our local news sites?

Citizens’ Journal’s post (FB Share)

Rilek1Corner’s post (FB Share)

Wake Up, Singapore’s post (FB Share)

Wake Up Singapore (Twitter Share)

The Singapore Daily 29 Oct 2015 (Article Share)

The Online Citizen (Article Repost)

  • Minister Tan Chuan Jin, ISA, Marxist Conspiracy, Civil Society, Governmental Fundings

Citizens’ Journal’s 29 Nov 2015 (Article Share)

  • Singapore’s version: The” hype” over Gender Equality and Feminism in Singapore.

The Singapore Daily 14 Dec 2015 (Article Share)

Citizens’ Journal’s post 18 Dec 2015 (Article Share)

  • GE2015 Rewind: How the terms “social worker” and “heart and minds” became entangled in GE2015

The Singapore Daily 28 Dec 2015 (Article Share)

  • What Scares the S*** Out of Me About Transitioning into a Working Adult in Singapore (Poetry)

The Singapore Daily 14 Jan 2016 (Article Share)

RedWire 14 Jan 2016 (Article Repost)

The Online Citizen Jan 15 2016 (Article Repost)

  • She’s a slut! She shouldn’t cover up herself so much.

The Singapore Daily 19 Jan 2016 (Article Share)

  • Pre-marital sex is unethical and shameful. Virginity is pure virtue. 

The Singapore Daily 21 Jan 2016 (Article Share)

  • Previous times when my political posts faced “uncanny” technical/publishing issues

The Singapore Daily 25 Jan 2016 (Article Share)

  • Parents and the horrid taboo topics of “Masturbation” “Penis” “Sex” “Vagina”

The Singapore Daily 4 Feb 2016 (Article Share)

  • I’m a woman that don’t identify myself as FEMINIST, and there is nothing wrong with it.

The Singapore Daily 11 Feb 2016 (Article Share)

  • If schools are supposed to be non-partisan, why the f*** is our mainstream media not?

The Singapore Daily 15 Feb 2016  (Article Share)

  • Free speech in Singapore can meh? LKY got do what! On Islam. Then Amos Yee follow.

The Singapore Daily 18 Feb 2016 (Article Share)

  • 8 questions to reflect on, in regards to Singapore’s electoral/political landscape

The Singapore daily 2 March 2016 (Article Share)

  • Singaporean Chinese Perspective: Do Chinese Privilege and Xenophobia exist?

The Singapore Daily 7 March 2016 (Article Share)

  • 30 “HOT”socio-political issues to ponder and reflect on in our little red dot

RedWire Times 18 March 2016  (Article Re-post)

  • Want to know how a rally looks like in law-abiding Singapore?

Saturday, 26 Match 2016 Wake Up Singapore (Article Share)

  • Are women “asking for it” when we distract males with our short skirts? 

April 28 2016 The Singapore Daily (Article Share)

Feminist Memes’s post

The Independent – Singapore’s post

  • 7 Singapore LGBT / adult films that faced censorship, or film screening withdrawals

GLBT Voices Singapore’s post

ElementMag’s post

IndigNation SG’s post

Thebearproject’s post

Rilek1Corner’s post

Gender Collective’s post

NTU Kaleidoscope’s post

  • Everything about 377A summarized into a “comprehensive” nutshell for Singaporean readers

GLBT Voices Singapore’s post

Rilek1Corner’s post

The Singapore Daily’s post

Fridae’ post

  • Muslim, Christian, LGBT, Humanist, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu sagas in Singapore from 2001 to June 2016

21 Jul 2016 The Singapore Daily

GLBT Voices Singapore’s post

Singapore Elections Portal’s post

Fabrications By The PAP’s post

  • 5 financial corruption / management lapses sagas that blasted Singapore’s headlines in July / August 2016

Redwire Singapore’s post

The Independent – Singapore’s post

  • Article 151A, Defence and Security Measures – Power struggle between President and the Cabinet

The Independent Sg

  • Social experiment (Singapore): Are you a boy in long skirt, or a short-haired lesbian?

The Singapore Daily

GLBT Voices Singapore

  • 7 reasons why Singapore’s general election is definitely not rigged in any undemocratic ways.

Redwire Times

  • 10 “SPICY” questions you never had the balls to ask the LGBTQ community.


Redwire Times


GLBT Voices Singapore

  • Chinese girl’s view on the “full blown” Indian Saga


The Independent Singapore

  • Singapore’s first gay character on Channel 6

GLBT Voices

Pelangi Pride Centre

Wake Up Singapore 

Be Proud


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